Courses Taught (Instructor of Record)

Developing Rapid Assessment Metrics for Oyster Reef Biodiversity (ENERGY 395/ENERGY 795), Fall 2019 and Spring 2020

Co-developed and instructed a research-based yearlong class, funded through the Duke Bass Connections program. Through a variety of field expeditions, lectures, coding workshops, and reading groups we taught students the fundamentals of biodiversity, remote sensing, and bioacoustics, culminating in a team research project and a final student product at the 2020 Bass Connections Symposium. More details on the project here and see our Fall 2019 syllabus here.

Teaching Assistantships

Marine Ecology (ENV 273), Duke University Fall 2019

Duties included planning and running weekly field trips to a variety of ecosystems (oyster reefs, salt marshes, seagrass beds, etc.), teaching ecological survey techniques, grading, and supervising students' independent research projects.

Marine Ecology on the Great Barrier Reef (ENV 273), Duke University Spring 2020 Block A

Helped organize and run a field-intensive course in coastal North Carolina and Heron Island, Australia that introduced students to independent research, marine ecology, and the scientific process. Duties included running an Ecological Big Data workshop, developing a lecture on the corals of Heron Island, organizing North Carolina field expeditions, grading, and mentoring student groups as they developed their independent research projects.

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